Identification Number of Selected Candidates
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Selected students are required to attend orientation, which will be held on 15 May as 1st session of GSS Preparatory Course 2017. If you are not able to attend this orientation due to your class or seminar in your own graduate school, you should inform GSS unit office by the morning of 15 May.
Orientation (as 1st session of GSS Preparatory Course 2017)
Date: 15 May (Monday) 18:30~
Venue: HIGASHI ICHIJOKAN, Shishukan Hall (Basement floor)
* Preparatory Course Students are going to attend a get together, which will be held soon after the orientation, organized by Second-year GSS students (19:30-20:30). This will give the new students the opportunity to meet and interact with GSS students and foster a better understanding of the GSS program.
<English Language Proficiency Tests>
If you still have not submitted results of English language proficiency test, please make sure to submit by 6 July 2017. (English Proficiency tests taken after April 2015, provided and its result could be available before 6 July 2017. More details will be found in the page 4 of in Application Guideline 2017.)

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