Outline of Application 2017

Call for application of the GSS program students and the third-year enrolled program students 2017
Students must be enrolled in a Doctorate Program in one of the Graduate Schools and Departments listed here
40 Preparatory students, 20 GSS students, some 3rd year-enrolled students
Applicants will be selected as Preparatory students, then GSS students will be selected based on evaluation during the preparatory course.
Forms for application to the preparatory course:
Application forms included in Application Guidelines*, and Certification of transcripts by own graduated university
* Available at each graduate school or the GSS office
Submission of forms:
Fri. April 14 – Wed. April 19 2017, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
on weekdays, in person or by mail to the GSS office
Preparatory students election results announcement:
Friday, May 12, 2017 on this GSS website
Selection of the GSS students:
by Evaluations for the overall preparatory seminars, final report for the preparatory course,
and oral presentation and group discussion, Results of English language proficiency tests

Application Procedure

The Application form and required documents should be submitted to the GSS office following direction of the application guideline.
 Friday April 14 – Wednesday April 19 2017, 9:00-17:00 on weekday.
 by mail or in person (they should be delivered by April 19 17:00)
At this website on Friday May 12 2017
 The orientation for preparatory course will be held after the announcement. Date and time will be informed later.
The preparatory course is an introduction to the Global Survivability Studies as well as a part of selection process.
 General Seminars Four seminars to overview the GSS
  Date and Time: May – June, 5th period on Thursday (details are to be decided)
 Seminar Reports Reports on the General Seminars
  Due: within a week after a seminar
 Individual Presentation Research plan and plan of course taking
 Group Discussion Discussion on a certain theme
  Date: Saturday June 24
At this website on Wednesday July 26 2017
 The Guidance for research grant will be held after the announcement. Date and time will be informed later.
The enrollment ceremony and orientation
 Date: Tuesday August 1 2017

Preparatory Course


Preparatory Course Seminar

[] Seminars
Time & Location: 16:30~18:00 Higashi-Ichijokan

[] Reports
Due date & time: One week after each seminar 15:00

Individual Presentation and Group Discussion

Date & Location: June 24 (Sat.) 9:30~ Higashi-Ichijokan
[] Individual Presentation
Presentation 15min. + Question & Answer 15min.
required contents
1) Presentation of your research subject
2) How/why does it relate to the scope of Global Survivability Studies?
3) How do you plan to use the GSS Program in your doctoral project? Why are you interested in the GSS Program?
4) How can you contribute to the GSS Program?
[] Group Discussion
Duration: 50min.
Discussion topic: Leader/Leadership

Final Report and Others

[] Final Report
predetermined format
1) CV
2) Vision of leadership
3) Study plan
4) Research plan
5) Fellowship application
Due date & time: July 4 (Tue.) 14:00
[] Result of ELP test
taken after April 2015 and to be submitted by July 6 (Thu.)
[] Confirmation Document of the Intent
predetermined format